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Buckle Me Up Scotty

In an earlier post I mentioned LTD’s growing fascination with buckles. Well now things have moved into addiction territory. If there were a Betty Ford for buckles we would have to see if our insurance covers 28 days for the little guy. There have been times when he has refused to get out of the high chair, stroller or car seat because he wanted to play with the buckles. Of course he has mastered clicking closed all the buckles in his grip radius but for obvious childproofing reasons he can’t open them without our help. What is my point? His buckle addiction wouldn’t be a problem if it was an alone activity but he not only needs us to unclick them he demands that we do so in the strongest possible terms. Like all LTD related things there is a bright side to his buckle fetish and that is when he shuts a buckle he says, ‘click’ in his little excited voice which is of course wicked cute.

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