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Book Review – Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?

I know what you’re thinking, he must be running out of Bright and Early Board Books? Well, you would be wrong. I give you the 1970 Dr.Seuss classic Mr. Brown Can Moo? Can You? Of course the board book is an appreciated version of the full story, but just enough to wind the kid up before bed time. The book is an exercise in getting the young ones to say onomatopoeia words like moo and buzz. The “plot” centers around the things Mr. Brown can say to try and find out if ‘you’ can say them as well. Some rhyme as in the case of Mr. Brown sounding like a clock, he can tick and he can tock. Okay, that is all well and good but I don’t really need the kid to say moo anymore than he already does. What is awesome about the book is the page dealing with thunder.

Boom Boom Boom Mr. Brown is a wonder. Boom Boom Boom Mr. Brown makes thunder. LTD has adopted Boom as he signature phrase when he falls down. He also says it with a ton of energy and excitement that most of his other words don’t possess. Again, like some of the Bright and Early Board Books, Mr. Brown can Moo! tends to wind the little guy up a bit too much to enjoy right before bed but makes an excellent choice for the daylight hours.

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