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Book Review – The Eye Book

You might think I was running out of Bright and Early Board Books to review, but if you thought that even for a second, you would be wrong. I give you 1968’s The Eye Book by a Mr. Theo. LeSieg who isn’t a mister at all but a doctor. When Theodore Geisel (Doc Seuss) wrote books for some one else to illustrate he used yet another pen name. For The Eye Book he used Joe Mathieu to provided pictures to go with his silly words. The plot centers around all the different things our eyes can see. For example: Our eyes see flies. Our eyes see ants. Sometimes they see pink underpants. The book is short and sweet and the rhymes are classic Seuss or in this case classic LeSieg. Mathieu’s style focuses on big eyes to illustrate the point of the book, but it is a little jarring to see non-seussian pictures with such a clear Seuss story. However, the big eyes are pretty compared to the creepiness of the teeth in The Tooth Book, but alas that is for a different time and place. In conclusion I will mention that the main characters are a boy and a rabbit.

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