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Book Review – Old Hat New Hat

Since all of our recent reviews have been Bright and Early Board Books I didn’t want to disappoint anyone by not doing another one. 1970’s Old Hat New Hat by writer/illustrator couple Stan and Jan Berenstain is a quick fun read. I was going to make some jokes about the Berenstain’s about how they were small-unknown authors and I was happy to bring some attention to them, but decided that wasn’t very funny. Like most of the books in the Bright and Early series, Old Hat New Hat doesn’t have much going for it in the plot department, but still brings the funny. The book follows Brother Bear on his search to replace his old ratty looking hat.

We see Brother Bear visit the hat shop and try on many many different styles and designs in his quest for a suitable replacement for his current old chapeau. However, and I’m giving any spoilers here, the major plot twist is that every hat has a problem. The clerk shows Brother Bear hats that have issues including Too holey, Too feathery and Too fancy. And like always Beyond the Car Seat will not reveal the surprise ending to the story but I will say that it has a little something to do with the old hat.

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