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Product Review – Kidecals

The harsh winter has forced us to stay in more than we would like and so the family goes stir crazy from time to time. In order to counter act LTD’s cabin fever screams, we now head to various toddler friendly indoor places, of which the options are limited. However, since we are going to a lot more places with the little guy the odds of his stuff being everywhere are higher than they have ever been. So it is nice to have his name on his belongings using KiDECALS. The big feature of KiDECALS is that they aren’t stickers instead you can peel them off when needed. They make all sorts of designs and different purpose decals including an option for custom work. One of the most useful products is their Allergy Alert decals as many kids are allergic to peanuts these days. Perhaps the only problem is if you let your child pick their own decal as the number of choices is so large that they may have a difficult time choosing just one.

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