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Book Review – The Alphabet Book

As Beyond the Car Seat readers know all to well, the family has been on a Bright and Early Board Books kick as of late. In that regard I am proud to present the amazing P. D. Eastman’s 1974 classic The Alphabet Book. Each page features one or two letters followed by a short sentence using that letter. We are talking ground breaking avant-garde stuff here. No Eastman book would be complete with out his Bird and dogs Fred and Ted. The letter scenarios are pretty funny with images of Penguins in parachutes and Queen with quarter. Of course no alphabet book would be truly comprehensive without our good friend the yak. Here we see Yak with yo-yo. On a side note, when we visited with our friends Kate and Joe in Boston, the kids were reading a different alphabet book and Joe insightfully remarked that these books give kids a warped sense of the world because they make kids think that yaks are everywhere. C is for cat, D is for dog and Y is for yak. Using kid logic Cats and Dogs are all over the place so the Yak must be too. This is the kind of confusion that has children ask for a xylophone every time they go to the mall.

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