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What Did He Say?

Before LTD was born, one weekend The Mommy (to be) and I visited friends in Boston. At the time, our friends Kate and Joe had a daughter who was almost two. As the afternoon wore on I noticed that she was saying things and Kate would respond like she understood, while I could only look on with confusion. Turns out when toddlers say certain every day words for things like milk and water only rarely are they clear. However, toddler parents usually know exactly what they are saying due to experience and context. Now that LTD is approaching 24 months he is seemingly learning a million words a day and the only thing preventing him from starring in the Oscar nominated Kings Speech is that he has a wicked hard time enunciating.

Some of the words in the little guy’s repertoire that only The Mommy and I can understand include: “Hummus” translated as “Hass” and “Ahsss” is uttered when he wants applesauce. He says more and more words clearly now, but when he is speaks in a code only we understand I feel like we have a special connection. I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention that while he knows a ton of correct animal sounds for some reason when you ask him what sound a cat makes he says, “aye.” And don’t get me started on his chicken.

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