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Book Review – I Love You, Mommy

Jillian Harker’s 2005 tale; I Love You, Mommy is the sort of kids book that adults will get a kick out of as well. The tale centers around Little Bear who embarks on a series of adventures without taking the one-minute break needed for Mommy Bear to tell him useful advice. For instance, he runs off to go fishing and of course falls in the water. He also tries to pick fruit from a tree, which results in a similar fall. However, by the end of the story just as Little Bear is about to run off and play with some bigger cubs he finally realizes that which we all know by heart, mommy is always right. The cool thing about I Love You, Mommy is that the Mommy Bear doesn’t lecture or stop Little Bear rather she lets him make his own mistakes before giving him helpful advice. While the tale is well done and the lessons learned are important, I do feel however, if the book featured hunters or cars, Mommy Bear would have to change her parenting style. I think in those situations probably best not to let the kid learn and discover on his own. And now a final word regarding the art. I Love You, Mommy features big bold pictures by Kristina Stephenson that are not only cute, but also filled with expression. I conclude with an open message to Ms. Harker, how about a little I Love You, Daddy next time.

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