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Hi is perhaps the simplest of greetings. Less formal than Hello and for that reason usually associated with youth. LTD has grown to embrace this salutation on a daily basis. The only real problem is that he tends to abuse the word in practice and meaning. He fails to truly understand it’s full significance by repeating the gesture over and over again. Technically, once you have greeted the person there is little need to greet them again. Surely, if they didn’t know you were addressing them after the tenth Hi, then they never will. Another issue with the little guy’s use of Hi, lies in his also saying it when people leave. Yeah, it is cute the first couple of times, but then he just seems like he ‘doesn’t get it.”

Yet, the greatest use of LTD’s Hi is in the supermarket. While in the shopping cart, he has taken it upon himself to travel down the aisles greeting everyone in the store with a cheerful Hi. Of course, most people smile, say hello or wave. However, a few people (or should I say robots) fail to react at all. When someone doesn’t respond to LTD’s Hi, he engages DefCon 5 and tries to break them. The other day he said Hi to a guy in the store and I think maybe the guy, who was staring at the salsa, didn’t know LTD was talking to him, big mistake. LTD let loose with a barrage of superfast Hi’s with such force and vigor that the guy finally had no choice but to submit. That’s right folks, my son bent a stranger to his will and received his returned Hi. Yes, he says bye-bye but that is for another day.

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