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Book Review – My Little Word Book

Priddy Books’ 2004 tome, My Little Word Book fits our current criteria for books that go near LTD, it is hard to destroy. The little guy has been on a destructive kick and just to give you some idea of how bad it has gotten, yesterday he asked me if we had a flamethrower that reached 451 degrees. However, My Little Word Book has so far managed to survive the ripping and tearing trend. In fact while the title may have the word Little in it, the book is rather big at 8 ½ by 8 ½ inches and I believe it’s sturdiness has so far allowed it to reach the end of each day unharmed.

My Little Word Book tells an incredibly simple story. The plot centers around 300 individual objects displayed in vivid color with their names under their picture. The pages are grouped by subjects like animals, food, toys, and builds to a true happy ending. That’s right folks the story ends with colors and shapes. In conclusion, the best thing about My Little Word Book is that it has so far survived the human shredding machine known as LTD toddler version 2.0.

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