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Book Review – Cold Little Duck, Duck Duck

One of LTD’s very first animal sounds was a duck’s quack. Granted it sounds more like cack but I’ll allow it. The Mommy and me are fond of reading him books that play to his strengths and so we often turn to Lisa Westberg Peters and Sam Williams 2000 tale, Cold Little Duck, Duck Duck. The story features read-aloud sounds and a repetitive rhyme structure. As with most of the stories we read to the little guy, Cold Little Duck tells a simple story revolving around a cold little duck who returns to her pond a little early. She finds the water frozen, but keeps busy, while trying to stay warm, until spring arrives.

In addition to the story, every page also features three words for the reader to say out loud. For instance, on the page where the little duck’s feet freeze to the ice it says, stuck, stuck, stuck. And when the little duck sees the V of her fellow ducks join her it says, flock, flock, flock. Of course the little guy does indeed get to say quack, quack, quack so don’t worry about that. Beyond the Car Seat readers know that it is not my policy to reveal the ending to any book, but I will say that it is a happy one and the duck doesn’t freeze to death in case anyone was worried about the word cold in the book title.

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