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Toy Stories

I must confess that I have a soft spot for toys. On the scale of whether or not we ‘need’ a new toy I lean towards yup. This practice has resulted in LTD not only a few too many toys but toys that are a little above his pay grade. Don’t worry I’m not talking about a bb gun or lawn darts, more likely a toy car for a two year old when he was 18months. The result of these advanced items was that the little guy never really played with them ‘correctly’ or the ‘right’ way. Don’t get me wrong I believe whole heartily that the only reason toys exist is to let kids use their imaginations. If LTD wants to use a car as a hammer, I may stop him from doing it on the coffee table, but I won’t yank it out of his hand and tell him to ‘do it right.”

However, one of the interesting outcomes of LTD’s rapid, everyday I change, development spurts is that he has started playing with some toys in the manner they were intended. Keeping in mind there are no judgments only observations it is neat to see him drive a toy car across the floor or stack blocks. Don’t get me wrong, he still does plenty of smashing and hammering, but he is also starting to spend longer with each toy trying to figure out what it all means. I figure it is now only a matter of time until he makes GI Joe marry Barbie.

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