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Product Review – Time Timer

Watching LTD grow seemingly before my eyes, I often think about time and how fast it feels like it is moving. However, one object allows time to become my friend instead of my enemy. The Time Timer is a simple countdown device that allows me to show the little guy how long he has despite the fact that he doesn’t know how to read a clock. To quote the inventor the Time Timer answers the age old question, how much longer. The Timer comes in three sizes, but we use the 8-inch model. Set for up to an hour the Timer has a giant red wave that counts down leaving no room for doubt how much longer a person has for the task at hand.

The Time Timer is designed for numerous applications as LTD grows up from homework/TV counter to time management for adults. However, we use it to help LTD chill during the parental favorite known as the Time Out. It doesn’t get simpler and easier to understand than the red countdown wave to let the little guy know when he can get out of the penalty box. He is still a little young to fully grasp the meaning of the Timer as Time Outs at this age require us to wait with him, but like everything else in his young life the meaning of things will grow with him. I was going to make a joke about now if I could only use the Timer for The Mommy so we wouldn’t be late for things anymore, but I fear that would result in me getting a Time Out so I won’t.

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