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He Can’t Be Stopped, Only Contained

I won’t bury the lead, LTD has become an eating machine. He just doesn’t stop, ever. I usually give him something simple right when he goes in the highchair to hold him while I prepare the full meal. Well, the other day I gave him a banana or nana as he calls them and I turned back to the kitchen to make his lunch. I know I am prone to hyperbole but it is no exaggeration to write that he devoured a whole banana in 45 seconds. The experience is like offering food to a god king that is never satisfied, bangs his fists on the table and cries ‘more.’

Not only is the little guy eating me out of house and home, but LTD is committing a sin worse than emptying my wallet. He is stealing my food. I can’t eat anything in front of him without demands for me to share. Except he doesn’t know about sharing, he only knows about taking. Of course he recognizes sweets pretty fast and it is particularly hard to enjoy a donut around the little guy. It’s getting to the point where I have to count my fingers when he is done his feeding frenzy. Thankfully, he isn’t getting too fat with his massive meals because he still throws a ton on the floor.

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