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Family Workout

The Mommy and I finally bit the bullet and joined a gym. The main reason, we found one close by that has an affordable big daycare room. Thankfully, LTD likes being in the room something we were allowed to try out after getting our trial membership passes. Of course he loved the daycare during the trial week but when we signed up for our membership he started freaking out when either of us left to go workout. However, his separation anxiety didn’t last long and now he never wants to leave. From my point of view one of the awesome things about the gym is that the daycare room opens at 8am, so after I drop of The Mommy with the carpool I can cruise over there.

While The Mommy enjoys using the pool and the elliptical machines I usually use the gym as a television delivery system. However, our gym has no TV’s on the machines and the wall mounted ones are always set to crappy channels that you need to tune your radio into. Thanks to my iphone I solved the problem by now watching video podcasts while doing what is known as a low impact workout on the cross trainer. As for the daycare it falls into the category of, you get what you pay for. It is the kind of daycare that is truly perfect for an hour or two, but not set up to deal with much else. The funny thing is that when I drop him off between 8 and 9 he is sometimes the only one in there, but when I pick him up close to 10, the place is jammed packed with kids as far as the eye can see. The two revolving staff members always seem to have that far away look in their eyes. They are pleasant but clearly overwhelmed. Of course I choose not to do a ‘hardcore’ workout allowing for easy access to the daycare if a situation arises that needs my immediate attention. I am also glad that LTD doesn’t seem to have any food allergies that we know of since the daycare’s no food rule seems more like a wish than an actual rule that is followed. In the end, I’m super glad to have a few hours off a week but not too happy that my belly still seems to be growing despite all my video watching.

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