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Baby Proof Yeah Right

We survived LTD’s second Thanksgiving. He was basically fine during the car ride and The Mommy didn’t even need to sit in the back with him. However, we did experience some turbulence during our visit. It seems the little guy decided to fully embrace vacation mode. He was so off his regular routine it wasn’t even funny. On Black Friday he only took one twenty-minute nap all day in order to take advantage of all the bargains. And we could have gone to some of those scary door buster 4am sales with the sleep problems he had during the trip. Thankfully by Saturday night he feel back into a almost normal routine and we were all able to sleep. But no you say that all sounds bad, well it wasn’t for LTD.

The little guy was like an escape animal from the zoo. Both Nana and Zadie’s homes as well as our friend Diane’s, were we had Thanksgiving dinner, were not baby proofed (nor should they have been). However, we have gotten very used to our fortress like gate system at home and LTD was very aware that he was on the loose. I have never seen some one run around in circles so much. He turned on and off the TV’s so many times I thought he was applying for a job at a power button factory. From the phones to the remote controls he could not be stopped. The Mommy and I said, no don’t touch that so many times it truly lost all meaning. On the plus side we kept busy and did a lot of fun things since staying inside was not an option. Now that he is back in captivity he has returned to his routine without complaint filled with the knowledge that he made the most of his prison furlough.

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