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Turn Your Head and Fake Cough

If there is one thing I can’t abide it is making fun of the sick. However, LTD has different feelings regarding the ill. The other day I was coughing, the result of everyone in the house getting sick at different times, and LTD not only laughed at me, he faked coughed then laughed some more. Here I am an unpleasant feeling in my throat that forces me to hack and cough and what does my first-born do? How does he react in a family medical emergency? How does he show concern? He fakes it. The little guy hears a cough and takes that as a cue to fake cough and then laugh. I haven’t deciphered the full meaning of the glint in his eye during the fake cough laugh, but I hope that it does not forebode the beginnings of an evil genius practicing his evil laugh or slightly less evil fake cough.

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