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Slip Sliding Away

If for some reason someone asked me to think of very specific childhood activities, I would have to put going to the playground very near the top of the list. And if that same person pressed me to get even more specific I would have to put sliding down the slide in the top five list items. However, the real truth about the slide is that kids love going up the slide perhaps even more than they like sliding down it. LTD is no exception, now that he is very, very mobile he really gets into the playground. Sure he spends most of his time picking up acorns and putting them in his mouth or handing me big pieces of mulch, but when he focus on the equipment he gravitates to the slide.

It feels like the second he went down the slide, by himself, for the first time he turned right around and tried to go up the slippery thing. The cool thing about watching him try and climb up the slide is that I can distinctly remember doing that when I was a kid. There is something about going up the slide the ‘wrong’ way that just feels right when you are a kid. It’s about no one telling you what to do, it’s the ultimate expression of freedom for a kid who is too young to drive.

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