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Product Review – Ultra Digital Thermometer

Every parent, long time Beyond the Car Seat readers included, knows that digital thermometers “don’t work so good.” The Mommy and I have had bad luck with most thermometers and in fact usually rely on our wrists, LTD’s forehead and our gut feeling that he seems hot. When you consider where you have to stick them and the trouble involved it often doesn’t feel worth it. However, the Ultra Digital Thermometer by Mobi offers a little assistance in the temperature taking department. The Thermometer gives a really fast reading on the forehead or in the ear. The device also features a flashlight, but we haven’t really needed to take his temp. while he sleeps yet.

The truth is, that like most digital thermometer’s the Mobi is inconsistent, so we take a few readings and pick the one in the middle. However, the speed and easy of taking a reading makes up for the digital divide from the accuracy of our friend Mr. Mercury. An added benefit comes when LTD grabs hold of the device and plays with the buttons, a task that keeps him occupied for many minutes. Until they bring back mercury the beep continues.

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