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Book Review – It’s Not Fair

The 1986 Sesame Street book, It’s Not Fair by Hautzig and Leigh centers on the relationship between Bert and Ernie (get your mind out of the gutter). The plot centers on a hot summers day and the joint decision to host a lemonade stand. However, due to the personality differences between the type A Bert and the type J Ernie preparations for the stand fall apart. The stand does finally become operational after a lot of hard work on Bert’s part and a lot of unknowingly stealing credit on Ernie’s part. The tension builds until Bert ultimately snaps (as promised by the cover art) and since this story is geared, it doesn’t result in Bert stalking all those who live on Sesame Street with a Heckler and Koch MP-5 with flash suppressor and silencer, instead he merely cries.

As usual I won’t ruin the ending but rest assured justice and lemonade are served. One of the cool things about the book is that it features realistic artwork of, not only the creatures of Sesame Street, but Susan, Bob and Gordon as well. Oh, and lest we forget, no Elmo! The funny thing is that LTD now knows a whole lot about Sesame Street and he has never even seen it.

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