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You Suck

LTD isn’t really freaked out by too much as he learns about the world. However, one object he has never liked in all his time on Earth is the vacuum cleaner. After careful scientific research we have determined that it is the loud noise the vacuum makes and not the machine itself. His phobia hasn’t really been a problem as The Mommy usually takes him upstairs while I clean the downstairs. However, the other day The Mommy was away and the living room really needed a good cleaning. So I got out the vacuum and plugged it in, but left it off in the middle of the floor. LTD played with it for a while so I we stood next to it and I held his hand. I flipped the beast on and he immediately flipped out. My immersion therapy did not work and the floor went un-vacuumed until The Mommy returned. All the doctors agree that LTD isn’t really afraid of the Hoover he is merely letting us know that he isn’t ever going to do any housework allowance be damned.

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