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Product Review – ORE Splat Mat

LTD aka the human wrecking ball is at his happiest when he is making a total and complete mess. Armed with this knowledge I can only try and stay one step ahead of him. The ORE Splat Mat is a worthy ally in my ongoing battle to keep the house clean from the little guys mission. The Retro Robot Tabletop version features robots and robot parts from a by gone era. Hopefully, when he is older LTD will ask me if that is really what robots used to look like. And will tell him that unlike the robot nanny that is raising him, robots from the Happy Days era did indeed look boxy. While the mat is non-toxic and lead-free coated cotton it doesn’t have a way to secure itself to the table allowing the little guy to whip it from any surface. For now we use the mat when he is supervised during crayon coloring time. I remain optimistic that when LTD is old enough to sit at the table and eat a meal without feeling the need to throw everything off the top, he will enjoy looking the cool robot mat.


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