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Product Review – Fropper

Now that LTD is almost a year and half old (crazy, I know) he has taken to embracing his boyhood. He climbs on everything he can get his hands on and with that in mind the Fropper from Okiedog gives him something to climb on that doesn’t end with me gluing something back together. The Fropper is a wicked lightweight ride-on that bounces and thus aptly named. The little red ride-on is stylish without sacrificing function. Perhaps the neatest feature of The Fropper is it’s Transformers-like ability to fold up with ease and be picked up using the built in handle. And because it folds up completely with no separate parts, it makes a great thing to take on trips. LTD either pushes it or cruises around in it and while he doesn’t yet really bounce on it I remain hopefully he will eventually help The Fropper live up to its namesake.

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