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Product Review – Dipe N’ Go

There are certain truths in life that are rock solid. At some point on your child’s journey from birth to college, you will have to change their diaper in the car. It’s not something you are particularly happy about, but it’s the cost of doing business, dirty business. But you say wait, in this day and age surely you don’t have to change a baby in the car? My answer to that thought is another question, have you ever been inside a gas station bathroom?

However, the Dipe N’ Go takes into account the unpleasant car diaper change and helps make the exchange as easy as possible. The changing mat is designed for minivans, wagons and SUVs. The mat attaches to the inside of the back hatch and turns the trunk of your wagon into a changing station just like at home (that is if your home changing table has a spare tire on it). The mat can go in a washing machine and has secret pockets to hold diapers, wipes and nose plugs. A mat is important if you care at all about keeping your car poo free since the car is where fidgeting was invented.

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