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Give me That!

We are talking yogurt. We are talking applesauce. We are talking about anything that requires a spoon. Why are we talking about it? Because LTD has picked this one area to exercise his extreme right as an American to hold his own spoon. As you can imagine he is very vocal and physical when it comes to those who don’t let him use his own spoon, but he cares less about the mess he makes. If you feed him very quickly sometimes he doesn’t have time to think about and therefore grab the spoon. However, when he sets his mind to feeding himself with the spoon nothing on Earth can stop him. Does he get any in his mouth, you ask? Nope. He is able to scoop up things but then he has a messy habit of turning the spoon upside down before it gets to his gaping maw. I consulted the oracle and have come up with the only known remedy for spoon theft. I give you the decoy spoon. When I’m feeding his yogurt I give him his own spoon and then feed him with another. It’s a win-win for everyone. Everyone except me since I still need to clean up the huge mess.

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