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Clear the Runway

LTD has now become a 10th level master of the stairs. He scurries up and down them like a forest creature of myth. However, ever since he first learned to go up and down the stairs he does a little ritual that he has not dropped as his skills advance. In the beginning of his vertical journey, he learned to go up the stairs long before he learned how to go down them. But one day, all on his own, he figured out how to get on his belly and go down the scary stairs. Soon he was going up and down without incident. What is the ritual you ask? When approaching stairs going down LTD will start five to ten feet away from the steps get on his belly and slowly begin backing up to the stairs. The only thing missing is the beeping sound big trucks make when they back up. I have no idea why the little guy feels he needs so much runway but I applaud his safety first attitude.

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