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Buckle Me In

When LTD sets his young mind to something it can be exhausting. His steely determination should be something I’m proud of, instead it is breaking me. The little guy is now obsessed with buckles. The kind that snap on a backpack, stroller, car seat, shopping cart or highchair. I know what you’re thinking, what’s the big deal, just let him play with them. Well, the big deal is that he can’t unbuckle them he can only buckle them so he shoves one in my face and screams until I unclick it so he can click it back in. I’m thankfully he can’t unbuckle them so he doesn’t escape the high chair or car seat, but his obsession is tearing me apart. He truly never gets tired of it. Also, it’s not something that takes time to do on his own before he comes to me. I unclick it and he clicks it right back in, repeat. He enforces his new favorite thing through the click it or ticket law. Expect in his case the ticket is actually him yelling. Buckle up for safety. The safety of my ears.

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