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Book Review – Flap Books

As long time readers of Beyond the Car Seat know full well that LTD, the human tornado, has a special desire to rip paper. Like at an upscale bar he reserves the top shelf destruction for magazines and books. The Mommy and I have limited his access to paper by only letting him near the recycling bin and board books. However, we have noticed a disturbing trend cropping up among certain board books. A trend that feeds LTD’s addiction with us being unknowing enablers. There are board books out there that feature paper flaps, pop ups and sliders. Why would they do that. Any kid that can read a book without destroying the fold down flap doesn’t need a board book. I guess in theory certain pop up books need the structure of a board book, but how about a little warning on the cover. We are the real victims here and won’t someone please think of the children.

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