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Book Review – Crash! Bang! Boom!

In keeping with LTD’s ability to say moo when he sees a cow and quack when he sees a duck (without being able to actually say cow or duck) I present Crash! Bang! Boom! This 1972 book of sounds by Peter Spier doesn’t actually have a story. Instead the splash pages are set up by themes like transportation and weather. We see a series of pictures and the sounds they make. For instance, the car page shows a horn being pressed with the words Honk, Honk. A race car takes off with a Vaarrooom!! The book features a ton of pictures and therefore a ton of sounds. Since LTD knows the dog only as woof woof, Crash! Bang! Boom! is like his learning system on steroids. The best sounds happen on the sports page with a weightlifter and the sound oompf!!!, a croquet mallet hitting a ball to Wock and football players mid tackle to rram!, wham and zonk!! In other words any book featuring the word zonk is worth a look.

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