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Yoga Anyone?

A while ago, I mentioned one of LTD’s new tricks, which was to sit and spin on the living room floor. Well, he has added another arrow to his quiver of tricks. Lately, he has been performing the yoga position known as Downward Facing Dog or just Downward Dog if you are in a hurry to say yoga poses. Seeing him in this new position is even funnier than watching his sit and spin. When he is upside down you can get on the floor and wave at him through his legs. While watching the little guy you get the impression that he thinks he invented looking at the world upside down. He has never failed to smile when you steal a glimpse at him through the arch created by his legs.

I will add that perhaps the funniest thing about LTD’s Downward Dog was the whole process of watching him discover it and then watching him as he decided to use it. He will just be cruising around and then stop for no particular reason and pop into the pose. He is very close to spinning while in Downward Dog, which should also be funny to see. As long as he doesn’t make himself sick because I don’t know what happens to the world when a baby heaves upside down.

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