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Product Review – Patemm Pad

As many of you know, LTD has taken a distinct dislike to lying still on the changing table. The problem is bad enough at home, but out of the house it has become down right uncool. It’s like he is trying out for the lead role of a fish out of water in a play about a fish out of water. However, we have discovered a weapon in our fight against the flip and the flop, the Patemm Pad. The pad is large and round, so when the kid decides to do the hustle while you are changing him he stays on the pad instead of getting poo on your best friends carpet. At the end of the day, it’s just easier to change the little guy on the floor and the Pad provides an excellent space to do just that.

The Patemm Pad also comes with inner pockets in order to store diapers and other changing accoutrements. Of course another feature that is a must when dealing with baby stuff is that the Pad folds up into itself to form a nice little package. The Pad also feels more durable than other changing pads and creates the illusion have stepped into another world, a world where babies aren’t in charge if even for a moment.

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