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Book Review – Who Hops?

Judging by the number of times he goes up and down the stairs, LTD has no problem with repetition. Katie Davis’ 1998 book Who Hops? provides the little guy with the rule of three in a fun way. She presents three animals that do something, then one that clearly does not. “Birds fly. Bats fly. Flies fly. Rhinos fly. NO THEY DON’T!” The colors are bright and the drawings are silly and simple. As usual I don’t want to spoil the ending, but someone very special shows up. Someone who hops, flies and swims. The book is short enough that the repetition that LTD so enjoys doesn’t cause the reader to stick a fork in his eye. I would suggest that Who Hops? isn’t the right book for right before bedtime as it tends to wind the little guy up due to the fun interaction and volume change that comes with No They Don’t!

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