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Trying to Stop…Can’t Stop…Must Rub This on my Cheek

Many of LTD’s new behaviors resort in me getting paper towels and cleaning supplies out of the closet. However, recently he has developed one that is truly heart melting in its cuteness. Every time he finds his super soft blanket he rubs it against his cheek. Every time he finds a super soft stuffed animal he rubs it against his cheek. And occasionally when he is eating a super soft food like a blueberry or puff he rubs it against his cheek. I challenge anyone on Earth to watch this performance and not think it is the most adorable thing they have ever seen.

It should also be noted that when the little guy rubs part of his super soft blanket on his face he turns his mouth into a huge grin and emits a slight cooing sound straight out of central casting. Lately, he has been branching out and experimenting with different items he can rub against his cheek. I thought food was a bold choice, but then he trumped all previous rub protocols by using the dog’s tail. It was touch and go for a second as to the dog’s reaction, but he managed to complete the transaction without actually pulling on the tail so it all worked out. I feel like I want to bring him to Hollywood and stick him at The Ivy or the Château Marmont and give him a super soft blanket so he can catch the eye of a famous casting director.

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