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The Man With One Red Shoe

A new item has been added to mine and LTD’s daily routine. At least once a day a kind stranger stops me and says the following, “Do you know he is missing a shoe.” And every day I say the following in response, “Yes, thank you, it’s in the car. He takes them off.” And then the kind stranger concludes with a knowing look and says, “Been there.” However, this morning the routine has been drastically upended. I was about to drop the little guy off in the gym’s daycare area when a kind woman caught up to me and held out her hand to give me one of LTD’s shoes. It seems I committed the ultimate sin I left a man behind. We were just lucky he didn’t drop it outside as it rained wicked hard a few minutes later. Well lesson learned, I will either buy a big supply of super glue or pay better attention.

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