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Product Review – Zolo Barbell Stacker

Since LTD had a minor meltdown the other day at the daycare center in the gym I thought it would be a good idea to bulk him up by bringing out a toy from the past. The Barbell Stacker by Zolo is a plush barbell with four “weights” totaling “300” pounds. There is a strict no steroid policy at the gym so LTD will have to go all natural when working out. The little guy is too small for an ipod so he will have to rely on the rattles in the barbell and weights for music. Also, it is a good thing that the set is soft and felty because they don’t make weight lifting gloves in his size, I checked. Hopefully, the barbell’s will allow LTD to feel the burn, maximize the gain and be more confident at the gym’s daycare center.

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