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Product Review – Mal Vu Edition

As long time readers of Beyond the Car Seat know I don’t write negative reviews. My thinking being that I don’t want to lend any bad product any ink in order to keep the phrase, there is no such thing as bad publicity, at bay. However, occasionally products stink enough that I feel duty bound to bring them into the light. The first item up for bid is the Snack Ball by Boon. Now normally, Boon makes well designed cool products, but it seems that with the Snack Ball they went for style over substance. The lid, which slides open is never quite tight enough causing the contents to fall out whenever the ball is in a diaper bag. Also, the Snack Ball isn’t really cut out for the riggers of childhood in other words its no Timex. This thing takes a licking and does NOT keep on ticking. Of course the disappointing part is that I wanted it to work so I could stop using my high tech ziplock bag.

An even more disappointing product is Dreambaby’s Stay-Put Cutlery & Bowl Set. To quote The Mommy, ‘great idea, poor execution.’ The set is designed with a suction cup on the bowl so it stays on the high chair tray with the fork and spoon attached by to their own suction cups via a short cord. There is only one problem with the set, it is built so poorly and out of such shotty material that the suction cups don’t suck they suck. It really is a shame because it is such a simple smart idea that they should have taken the ten extra minutes to make it actually work. When it comes to feeding a baby there are enough challenges and headaches that you don’t need to pour fuel on the fire. Here’s to hoping next time both companies get it right because the children are the future so we better treat them well.

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