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Product Review – All Things Labels

LTD is now always on the move and not only is he leaving a path of destruction in his wake, he is also leaving things behind every time we leave the house. Okay, some times The Mommy and me are to blame for forgetting to take the travel cup out of the fridge when playdates end. However, his hat, jacket and sweaters are on him. At 16 months he shouldn’t be so forgetful, it’s not like he has such a busy schedule. The solution was clear, it was time for name labels in his clothes. The Bright Woven Name Labels from All Things Labels are not your father’s old camp labels. These bad boys are woven out of strong thread. We used the heat seal style that we ironed on instead of the sewing them on.

When I was a kid, my clothing labels were simple black and white jobs that the army uses. These days the little guy demands labels that sport whales and lions. Unfortunately, the labels won’t stop all the members of the family from forgetting clothing items all over the world, but hopefully now we will at least get them back.

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