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Summer fun doesn’t get more simple than when you start blowing bubbles. I was in Target the other day and they had a whole summer fun aisle with pails, chairs and towels. I figured LTD was not quite ready for a hardcore day at the beach, but at the end of the aisle I spied a bunch of bubbles and bubble making accessories. Even though the bubbles were unbelievably cheap I was on the fence about getting any since the little guy can’t really use them yet. I was about to decline with regret from buying any bubbles when I saw the Amazing Bubbles bubble gun. For four bucks, the gun uses one AA battery and a bubble bottle for a cartridge; I couldn’t pass this bad boy up. We got home, went outside and fired off a few bubble rounds. The little pistol shot out tiny bubbles at an alarming rate. LTD was excited for a spell, but then like most things he looks at for a few moments his attention wanders. I however, can’t get enough of the bubble gun. This puppy shoots out so many bubbles that I feel like we are all in some bad spring break Cancun nightclub. In conclusion, bubbles and the bubble gun are a whole lot of fun and worth every penny of their four-dollar price tag.

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