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Okay, I am Officially Scared

I guess technically it was my fault the first time, but he did a second time last night and I am blameless. It took almost 15 months for it to finally happen and I can’t say I’m not glad it took so long. LTD pooped in the tub. The first time was totally my bad. The incident happened towards the end of the little guy’s bath. He is still in the Primo EuroBath and I he was splashing around a lot, so I thought he would be up for some fun. He was not. I lifted up the end of the tub slightly so the water would slide down to his size. Well, in a scene from the Titanic, he grabbed on to the side with freight and The Mommy held his back. I put the tub down and he quickly calmed. However, we then noticed stuff floating in the water. It seems I scared the crap out of him.

Cleaning up wasn’t that bad since it was in the EuroBath and not as gross as it could have been since I don’t even know what a day without poo is anymore. The second time was last night and again thankfully towards the end of his bath. LTD was playing with his tub toys and then stopped to make a full on grunt face. I guess despite my earlier statements, it was pretty gross to watch it happen, but I guess one can get used to anything. I do hope this isn’t a trend and the little guy wants to permanently change the meaning of the word “clean”.

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