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Now, Where Should I Put This?

LTD has developed two approaches to objects he finds around the house. The first approach is called, ‘whatever’. This technique is put into practice when the little guy is carrying something with him on his travels and then simply drops it behind in his wake. All things considered his leave behind behavior isn’t too big a deal, just another to pick up at the end of the day. However, his second new behavior can be both funny and irksome. LTD has started putting things inside of other things. I know what you’re thinking no big deal right. Sure, when he puts his Fisher-Price Little People inside of the stacking cups it is very cute. How do you feel when he moves past toys to the car keys? I need a map and flashlight to figure out where stuff is; of course the best place to start is usually in my shoe. Thankfully, he doesn’t have access to the bathroom or I’m sure he would fulfill the baby cliché of putting my cell phone in the toilet. For now, I shall assume it is all harmless curiosity on his part and continue to try to keep my belongings out of his reach. Yeah, good luck with that.

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