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Hey, There is a Baby in First Class

It turns out both parents need to be present in order to get a baby a passport (which makes sense to prevent a bitter custody battle from getting more bitter) so The Mommy and I had our trip to the post office on our to do list for a long time. A few weeks ago, the fates aligned and it allowed us to finally get the little guy his passport. The Mommy found out that passport rates were going up soon and she had a rare day off and so we decided to pull a Nike and Just Do It. The application process started with The Mommy and me trying unsuccessfully to take and print the passport photos ourselves as we had done for our own pictures (see the internet for how to do this). I called one of the only photo places still in business and the owner said it would be nine bucks and he had take many a kids passport photo. We cruised over got the pictures and then went to a nice clean post office near by.

Once at the post office we were whisked into a back room where passports are processed. I had already filled out his application online and printed out. We waited a bit, then the clerk looked at our ID and took the application along with LTD’s birth certificate. A little over hundred dollars and few minutes later we were done. The other day I got the passport in the mail and it looks pretty good. I was a little worried that his original birth certificate wasn’t included with the passport, but decided to wait a few days before calling. Well, his birth certificate came under separate cover yesterday saving me the trouble of getting lost in the United States Department of State phone system. All in all a pretty painless process and now if any one gives us a free international vacation to Bora Bora we are completely ready.

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