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Book Review – The Snowy Day

A lot has been written about Ezra Jack Keats’1963 Caldecott Medal classic The Snowy Day. I don’t seek to add anything to the critical discussion, but I would like to say that the book makes great reading during a heat wave. I bring this up of course because LTD and I have just experience a nice long one and after seeing the little guy’s hair matted down with sweat, I thought it was time for something cool. Since The Mommy has put the kibosh on me giving him Dairy Queen everyday I have had to think outside of the box on ways to cool us down. The Snowy Day helps, if only for a moment.

The story features Peter in his first appearance out of many books that Keats wrote about the city living lad. The narrative follows Peter’s adventures enjoying a recent snowstorm. He pretty much does what you would expect a kid to do in the snow, but he does it all in a wicked cool red snow suit. When it is a million degrees outside it is comforting to let The Snowy Day takes us away and cool down for a while.

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