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Book Review – Ocar’s Silly ABC’s and Other Stories

So I’m still reading Street Gang: The Complete History of Sesame Street (Yes, I should have finished it by now, but having a 16 month old isn’t conducive to reading books that don’t have cartoon cows on the cover in a timely manner) and I’m still riding my first Sesame Street kick. 1987’s Oscar’s Silly ABC’s and Other Stories leads with Oscar the Grouch’s Grumpster Dictionary. The story features definitions of silly words like Flabbergasted and Rotten. However, the books highlight is the story starring The Amazing Mumford. Of course, no Mumford magic trick would be complete without his assistant Grover. Mumford performs awesome word tricks like changing one letter to make the word rock into sock, a fete I would have liked to see Houdini try. The heart of the book is provided by Snuffle-upagus. The furry friend takes care of everyone in his story. However, as always the truly best part, no Elmo.

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