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Walker, But No Texas Ranger

We interrupt Product Review Wednesday for two very important reasons. One, Beyond the Car Seat is going on a much needed vacation and will resume after the Independence Day holiday. Secondly, something amazing has happened. Something that has been in the making for about a month now, but the other day it finally happened. LTD walked. For a long time now he has been cruising and as I watched him I observed that he had all the basic components of walking down he just couldn’t put it all together. However, the other day I was sitting on the couch and LTD was cruising towards the end of the couch. I looked over and the little guy had let go of the edge and walked three feet before falling on his butt. I was shocked and said out loud, did you just walk, did that just happen? I panicked and thought about grabbing the camera but realized I would never be able to capture the image by myself, so instead I called The Mommy to fill her in and share my excitement.

At first he would walk between the couch and the coffee table, but now if given a straight away can walk for a nice length before toppling over like a businessman after St. Patrick’s Day happy hour. I won’t lie to you and say the kid is in anyway graceful. In fact he has mastered the full on Frankenstein effect. The good news is that he pretty much falls on his bum and the villagers have stopped chasing him around with torches. Recently, I watched him get up, stand and walk from the middle of the room without the aid of something to lean on. Over the course of the last 15 months, the daily routine sometimes make me forget I am a first time father and raising a human is an amazing experience. Seeing LTD walk for the first time made me realize that The Mommy and me are doing okay at this parenting thing.

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