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The Toad

It seems like every day LTD adds something new to his growing list of behaviors. Some are good and some are bad, but a few are just plain weird. I give you, licking. In the past, the little guy has opened his gaping maw wide and leaned in for a bite, but recently he has moved from the bite to the lick. He still comes in mouth open wicked huge and then sticks his tongue out to either make contact or actively engage in a full top to bottom lick. The whole thing is completely bizarre and the act has no rhyme or reason. So far I have gotten off pretty easy, as he has only licked my hand when I go to stop him from putting his mouth on things like the always-tasty coffee table. At the end of the day The Mommy and treat this new talent the way we do many other new LTDisms which is to laugh and be thankful he only doesn’t do it all the time.

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