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So LTD’s hair was getting a little a out of control and I had begged The Mommy to cut it. She wanted to wait with her thinking being, after the first haircut he wouldn’t be a baby anymore. I could see the logic in this and also wasn’t gonna win a fight about it anyway, so I backed off from coiffure action plan. However as the weeks passed LTD’s hair began looking a little like something from that infamous Nick Nolte mug shot. The Mommy conceded that the time was right to give the little guy a small trim. After she consulted her crew and the World Wide Web, The Mommy instructed me to pick up some simple hair-cutting scissors and a bowl (just kidding).

The night of the operation, our friend Nikki came over to take pictures and provide moral support so The Mommy’s hands wouldn’t shake. After dinner, with the little guy belly full and still trapped in his high chair I distracted him while The Mommy began her audition for a job at SuperCuts. She lightly wetted his hair and then employed a trick she learned online, she took a chunk of his hair twisted it and then cut the ends with the goal of preventing an uneven look. She left the back alone, but don’t worry folks we are a few months away from mullet territory. The whole thing didn’t take very long and LTD exhibited good behavioral control during his de-Samsoning. The end result looked good with LTD looking like a proper young gentlemen. We saved his hair for the baby book and were psyched we didn’t spend a ton of money on taking him to one of those kid hair cut places. However, now his hair has almost grown back and it might soon be time for another trim. We’re thinking of installing a barber pole at the front entrance.

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