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Seedless, Baby, Seedless

While Summer may not have officially arrived it sure seems that way in our household. LTD has discovered a passion for watermelon. Thanks to the seedless variety, the little guy chomps away on the pink stuff with amazing gusto. It really is the perfect thing for him to eat because he can hold the rind and feed himself. And it really is the perfect thing for us because when he spends it around and tries to eat the rind it makes us laugh really hard. I will add that the mess he creates while munching with abandon is quite large and wet, yet all things considered isn’t that hard to clean up so I say bring it on. Lastly, I will mention that if you take a bite of his watermelon in front of him, he doesn’t get mad, he laughs hysterically and for that reason I myself have rediscovered the joys of watermelon.

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