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Product Review – Twistasaurus

ELC’s Twistasaurus is one of those toys that provided me with an a-ha moment. LTD had access to it for a while before he really started using it and then one day I looked down and he was twisting and unfortunately shouting. The titular dinosaur toy features a red bolt and five dinosaur parts: legs, torso, middle, neck and head which as the Latin name suggests twist together to form the complete thunder lizard. The head, if screwed on properly, makes laughing dino sounds when button are depressed. I will admit that the sounds can be a little creepy if you are not expecting them. The amazing thing about Twisty is that LTD can actually unscrew the pieces like a little dinosaur plumber. He is very close to getting the pieces back on, but hasn’t quite mastered it yet which is the main reason the dinosaur plumbers union rejected his bid for membership. My favorite part of Twistasaurus is watching the little guy concentrate and focus his entire brain on unscrewing the dino parts. And yes, his tongue is usually sticking out the whole time.

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