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Product Review – Penguin Cool Mist Humidifier

We used a cool mist humidifier in LTD’s room all during the dry days of winter and we just keep using it out of habit now that it’s summer. The humidifier helps his little seemingly always stuffed up nose and is easy to use so why not. I have had bad luck with the various humidifiers for our bedroom, but LTD has a simple no frills one that always work. And besides it’s a penguin. Crane makes a series of cool mist humidifiers for kids room with all sorts of great animals. In fact, we bought ours at Target and if I had thought better we would have gone to Buy Buy Baby or online to get a cooler animal. Not that the penguin isn’t cool it just doesn’t have the impact of the elephant with it’s mist emitting trunk.

The humidifier doesn’t have a filter, so you never need to search the stores for one. The penguin fills up with ease and only has an on/off switch and a dial for the high/low setting. So far the only draw back is all that water cause an accumulation of detritus on the inside surfaces. The crud wipes away easily, but you need to unplug the base and empty it in the sink for cleaning. An activity that I don’t do often enough. All in all, it has worked better than any fancy one I have every used and looks like a penguin, which is always a plus.

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