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Hey, Genius, Nice Bum

Loyal readers of Beyond the Car Seat have long known that we use Bum Genius cloth diapers on LTD’s bottom. Well, I think it’s about time for a follow up piece. We have been using the diapers for over a year now and they have held up pretty well. Only one diaper and one insert began to fray or lose stretchiness. The company has a very clear policy with easy steps to follow in order to return and get free replacements. The washing hasn’t been too big a deal and I am now a true expert at assembling them relatively quickly. I sit in his room and put them together while he takes them out of the basket and flings them everywhere. He also tries to eat them which is great ammo for when he is a teenager. When he brings a date home I can tell her that he used to eat his diapers.

Perhaps the smartest step The Mommy and I have taken in using the cloth diapers is to use an insert. Right now we are using Bambinomio Liners and they are wicked wide and capture most of the poo. Of course some days he just wrecks the things and I have to hose it off into the toilet. That’s right folks the fun never stops here at Casa de LTD. At the end of the day, we have saved money by not using disposable diapers and we help The Mommy Earth in the process.

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